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About Us:
The Idaho Art Lab program overview

Because of the void of places for artistic expression in our community, and the lack of art curriculum in the public school system, we are forming a visual art center in our community, which will enrich the students and adults of our area. Our mission is to create a base of operation from which we will teach visual arts and serve the rural communities of South Eastern Idaho.

Our first objective was to acquire a building space from which to direct our projects, teach art workshops and display works of art. We secured that space on Thursday, January 28, 2010. Interviews with members of the community have been meeting with great success and support. Next, we will sumit a grant appliation to help fund the cost of this program. We wish to keep the workshops free or at a very nominal fee whenever possible. This grant will be our opportunity to do do. We will use a portion of the grant to remodel the space to serve our needs. Our needs will include an area for gallery space, two to three class rooms, a rest room, kitchen and storage space for art supplies.

From this base of operation we will be able to achieve our next objective, artistic outreach. With our in-house artists and volunteers from the community, we plan to travel to neighboring schools and community events. We will put on art workshops allowing students and adults the opportunity for artistic growth and communication through the visual arts. Grant money will be used for the mobile art unit and travel expenses. Our administration will oversee background checks for our artist instructors and volunteers.

Finally, we plan to increase art appreciation throughout the community. This will be achieved in two ways. First, having a stationary gallery to view art in our community is vital. Members of our community will have a place to view art in a gallery setting, where the works will be displayed in a professional manner. Local qualified artists will be able to volunteer their time teaching art workshops in exchange for gallery space. Second, our outreach program will share donated student works with nursing homes, hospitals and local business who wish to display these works. Sharing the artistic experience might be our most important contribution to the community because the visual arts need to be seen.

Please see our Contact page if you have any questions or can help. Currently our needs are:

  • Any monetary or labor donation you can make
  • A school bus or trailer to convert into a mobile art workshop
  • Volunteers to help renovate the Art Lab center in Saint Anthony
  • Artists willing to volunteer to teach in exchange for gallery space
  • Art materials such as papers, paints, pens, pencils, art library books, photographic equipment & darkroom equipment
    All of these donations may be matched by the grant committee and every little bit helps us help you.


The Idaho Art Lab is provided in part by:

Kettle Embroidery - Rexburg, Idaho Nonparel Spuddies Mini-Sized PotatoesHamilton Realty  - Saint Anthony, Idaho
Artco Printing &  Fulfillment Center - Rexburg, IdahoPorter's Craft & Frame - Rexburg, IdahoMelaleuca - The Wellness Company

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